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Mediam is

with the concept of" enjoying change regardless of shape "

" FASHION I want to enjoy"
It is a brand that connects the wardrobe of ageless people with the "clothes" beyond.

Dyed in each color in the wardrobe of the people who got it
Coordinating the clothes that were sleeping span> Revive with new styling.

Crossing the times and brands We want to provide an environment where you can cherish and love "clothes" for a long time.

Kids Items have shaped what you always feel when choosing clothes for your children.
Children's clothing can easily get out of size, especially if you are too tall.

Mediam suggests size selection based on the balance you want to show, rather than size selection based on height.

Adult styling, by rolling up the sleeves of oversized clothes, so that you can get the nuances of dressing
Even children can enjoy the nuances depending on how they wear it. You should be able to.

I thought that if the children could take it in a reasonable balance, the range of FASHION would expand.

It doesn't end in one season, but you can enjoy it even if the size changes.
I would like to send out clothes that have such "feelings" that I want to give to someone even if I size them out, and
build a cycle that is not disposable.

It's casual, but it's something that will be loved for a long time.
We will send out only what you need and as much as you need.