Rummy Oneshoulder Slit Onepiece

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◼ Product description ◼

A supple one-shoulder dress made by interweaving ramie yarn and rayon yarn, which are smooth to the touch and comfortable for spring and summer skin. The thick texture and sheer knitted fabric make it easy to create nuances when worn. The exquisite sheer feeling does not make the overlapping items slightly unpleasant. The rubber specifications around the shoulders make it easy to wear, and the contrast between the balloon sleeve and sleeveless is eye-catching.

A deep slit is placed in the hem on one side for a design that allows the material to move. If you use this slit to tie the hem with your shoulder and wear it, you can wear it as a top with plenty of fabric draped. Enjoy the sheer feel and wear it as a single piece on top of a bra top, or layer his Rummy rib Tank top in the same thread series underneath to make it even more attractive. If you wear a belt around your waist and browse, it will change from a rough image to a dignified look.

 ★ Rummy is a type of hemp, which has a silky luster and is characterized by a refreshing and crispy texture.

The design allows the sleeves to pass through the right arm.


Model 163 cm


 Size FREE: Length 115cm Width 60cm Sleeve length 67cm Sleeve width maximum 35cm Hem width 110cm Slit length 53cm


Hemp 66% RAYON 31% NYLON 3%

Please refer to the size notation as a guide only.

 * The product image may differ slightly from the actual color depending on your monitor environment.