Organic Side Round Tank / Organic Kids Tank

Organic Side Round Tank / Organic Kids Tank < / strong>

Meatu Province, where organic cotton cultivation is flourishing in northern Tanzania. Among them, a tank top using "bioRe COTTON", which is said to be special. The cotton harvested here is characterized by its plump and spongy texture.

We designed a curve that allows you to see the waist a little, and made a tank top that you can enjoy even if you layer it alone.

The shoulder width is moderately narrow, and the arm lines are sharply connected for cutting so that the sides can be seen clearly. A tank top that is easy to use daily and has feminine details that complement the supple body line.

You can wear it as a single piece, or layer it with a ramie 2way tank top to enjoy layering the collar and hem, or sneak under your tops and look into the hem, depending on your ideas. Widen the range of dressing.

Organic cotton does not use harmful pesticides or fertilizers in the cultivation process, so it can significantly reduce adverse effects on the environment and CO2, and ecosystems and farmers. It also contributes to protecting the health of people.

In addition, the harvested cotton is traded by fair trade, so even vulnerable farmers are paid a fair price and a sustainable circulation type. Enables agriculture.

Mediam thinks about a sustainable future and fashion.

When the design and materials match, we are working to create valuable products that consider the earth and the lives and the environment that live there as much as possible.

By all means, Traceability Story .

Knowing the background will make you more affectionate than ever, and what will you choose in the future? I hope it will give you an opportunity to think about.